High flow at low head, engineered to meet specific requirements

A wide range of pumping solutions meet the requirements for high flow at low head, and flood control pumps can be engineered to meet specific requirements.

Limiting the potential damage of coastal and inland flooding requires a pump solution that is dependable. A combination of technical know-how, industry leadership and solution-oriented product development means Grundfos has the pumps and control solutions to cope with these heavy demands.

Flood control pumping is characterised by a requirement for pump solutions with high flow and low head. Powerful axial-flow KPL and mixed-flow KWM pumps for flood control are specifically designed for durable use in pumping stations, harbour management and stormwater tank solutions.

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Water cycle animation

Our large pumps will move vast flows of water against low head – very useful for flood control, harbour management, and the like.



CIM/CIU fieldbus – control of …

The CIM and CIU enable the connection of Grundfos electronic products to standard fieldbus networks.

CUE series of frequency …

Frequency converter for pumps

Dedicated Controls pump …

Advanced pump controller for wastewater pumping stations

Grundfos GO mobile control …

Grundfos GO is the mobile tool box for professional users on the go. It is the most comprehensive platform for …

Grundfos Remote Management – …

A secure, internet-based system for monitoring and managing pump installations.

KPL Axial Flow Propeller Pump …

KPL Axial Flow propeller pump

KWM Mixed Flow Pump – high …

KWM Mixed flow pump

MP204 electronic motor …

The MP204 is an electronic motor protector, designed for the protection of an asynchronous motor or a pump

S pump – super vortex single …

Pumping of raw water, unscreened raw sewage, water containing sludge, industrial effluent

SE and SL 9-30 kW wastewater …

The SE and SL ranges of wastewater pumps provide the highest total efficiency on the market. Innovative …

Brochures & Technical Data

Sewage pumping

Concise info and theory for optimising infrastructure.

Optimised Water Solutions

The water utility range brochure with all Grundfos pumps and systems for today’s water supply and wastewater challenges.

Axial and mixed flow pumps for high …

The range of KPL submersible axial-flow propeller pumps represents strength and durability and is ideal for flood control and other heavy-duty pumping applications.

Design of stormwater tanks

The Grundfos handbook “Design of Stormwater Tanks – Recommendations and Layout” covers every aspect of stormwater tank design from sizing to installation.


Specifically designed for cleaning stormwater detention tanks. Download the information sheet for more information about Grundfos RainJet.

Technical Article

Design Tips for Flood Control Pumping Stations.

Flood Control References

Grundfos has the competences to offer the right solution. Read some of our flood control references from around the world in this document.

KPL and KWM 50Hz

KPL and KWM Axial and mixed flow pumps for high volume water handling – 50Hz.

Flood Control brochure

With our innovative and reliable flood control solutions Grundfos goes further than most to prevent flooding in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Designing Flood Pumping Stations

This book is intended to assist application engineers, designers, planners and users of sewage and storm water systems to incorporate axial and mixed flow pumps.

Download the flood pumping station design guide here