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Geoclima. Specialize in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Since 1994, Geoclima has been designing and developing special chillers for applications in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, with particular attention to quality and environmental sustainability. This has helped them to receive prestigious international awards and obtain quality certifications according to the strictest standards. They produce about 500 chillers for customers around the world. In 2014, they opened a new sales and service office in Australia and a new factory in Thailand.


Turbomiser from Geoclima is the most efficient chiller of its type on the market today: thanks to the use of Turbocor compressors, it is able to reduce energy costs by up to 50% compared with traditional units that use screw or reciprocating compressors. Turbomiser chiller has won several awards, including CIBSE, the most prestigious award for technology with low environmental impact.

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The G-Range includes all chillers with screw compressors, which are characterized by a simple structure: they are composed of few moving parts which enable a continuous and fluid motion. This leads to the decrease of the mechanical strains, reducing this way the possibility of failure and wear. The simplicity of the engineering ensures a sensible reduction of the vibrations, deriving from the mechanical motions, and of the related noise, with many benefits in terms of comfort and installation.

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The V-Range includes all chillers with scroll and reciprocating compressors, whose main feature is the guarantee of reliability and durability, with consequent advantages in terms of cut in management and maintenance costs. These chiller are characterized by compact size and light weight, and, therefore, turn out to be particularly suitable for small plants. In addition to that, the few vibrations and the very low noise levels ensure that these chillers are used in industrial but also in civilian applications (comfort cooling). The great innovation introduced by Geoclima, especially as far as scroll compressors with R410A are concerned – but some applications have been studied also for reciprocating compressors with R290 – consists in the possibility to combine several compressors in a single unit. Indeed, if this kind of chiller usually has a very reduced capacity (from 3 to 50 kW), the redundancy enables the development of machine with higher capacity, even of hundreds kW. In thereby, the V-Range units are no more restricted to small-size applications but, on the contrary, can also be used for bigger plants.

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Stock Chillers

Do you need turnkey HVAC solutions in a short time? In addition to our customized chiller solutions now we can offer a wide range of chillers ready to be installed.

From compact V-Range chillers with scroll compressors to high efficiency Turbomiser units, from very small to medium capacity: find the best solution for your needs and place your order!

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