The performance of high-power excimers, CO2, diode or ion lasers is strictly dependent on the efficiency and precision of the relative cooling systems.
The precise and reliable temperature regulation of the laser makes it possible to operate with an optimum wavelength, minimal power variance and optimized beam efficiency.
Our chillers maintain the maximum operating stability of the device, thus achieving the following three objectives: conservation of preset wavelength, high beam efficiency and reduction of the thermal stress to which the laser components are subjected, with a consequent improvement in their working life and a decrease in maintenance costs.

Why TBA is the perfect partner?

  • Reliable products with over 30 years of experience;
  • Very high control precision for temperature;
  • The capacity to work with aggressive fluids, thanks to the stainless steel frames and coated condensing coils;
  • The capacity to work with pure fluids, thanks to the supply of a NON-FERROUS hydraulic circuit.

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