The new QUANTUM Air: Powerful and efficient

The air-cooled QUANTUM Air chiller is currently the smartest chiller of its type on the market. Learn more here!

The QUANTUM Air with added efficiency

At 2 megawatts, it is the most powerful air-cooled chiller of its type on the international market – and it works more intelligently than all other models currently available: the new QUANTUM Air.

Maximum performance on small quantities of refrigerant

The two main advantages of the new air-cooled chiller are its outstanding performance and high efficiency. These are made possible by an improved machine design, whose various components are connected in a special and highly intelligent manner. This allows the QUANTUM Air to work much more efficiently than the already highly efficient chillers in the previous series. Furthermore, the highly efficient EC fans with mod bus control make the QUANTUM Air even more reliable and provide an optimised operating mode in case of strict noise requirements. The precise increments in performance values further increase energy efficiency and enable the operating company to save money. In addition, operating fluids are used more efficiently because the refrigerant filling volume has been reduced by around 10%. The QUANTUM Air can be used with the refrigerants R-1234ze, R-134a or R-513A.

The QUANTUM Air: a more compact format and quiet operation

Greater performance – smaller size. The innovative modular design of the QUANTUM Air offers a performance of up to 2 megawatts and has a smaller format than its predecessor models. As a result, it weighs less and therefore has a reduced roof load. As a special advantage, the air-cooled chiller is quieter than its predecessors thanks to a Supersilent package. This feature is of tremendous benefit in special applications, for example in hospitals or quiet office buildings. In principle, the QUANTUM Air can be deployed in a great many areas. Above all, these include data centres, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, and industrial production.

The advantages of the QUANTUM Air at a glance:

      • Extremely powerful with up to 2 megawatts
      • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
      • Runs extremely quietly thanks to the Supersilent package
      • Light thanks to its compact format
      • Suitable for numerous areas, e.g. data centres, hospitals or office buildings

Here you have a direct access to the innovative construction principle of new QUANTUM Air

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