QUANTUM Chillers – The all-in-one chiller. Air-cooled, water-cooled and split chiller series

quantum chiller


starts smoothly, then runs quietly and with low vibration
features excellent energy efficiency
is oil-free, low-maintenance and reliable

The various models in the QUANTUM series offer impressive solutions for each refrigeration situation, and can be individually tailored to meet refrigeration requirements right down to the last detail. It goes without saying that our refrigeration specialists are on hand from the start to look after every QUANTUM chiller, and regularly check its operation to ensure that refrigeration requirements are being optimally met. After all, truly energy-efficient refrigeration is only guaranteed when sophisticated technology and technical expertise come together

Experience you can rely on. ENGIE Refrigeration – home of QUANTUM!

Water-cooled QUANTUM-Series

The water-cooled QUANTUM was just as well developed for process cooling with its high demands for reliability,as for HVAC applications that present a special challenge to produce efficient refrigeration that does not affect the climate.


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Air-cooled QUANTUM-Series

The QUANTUM is also available as an air-cooled variation to be set up outdoors. This technology is independent of external re-cooling and can be placed where no cooling water is available.


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Split QUANTUM-Series

There are situations when a split up is the best solution – for instance in certain structural conditions: If the waste heat generated during refrigeration can or may not remain or be utilised inside a building, and if at the same time a water-cooled chiller is not possible, the QUANTUM SPLIT is called for.


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