Industrial process cooling is a growing trend among companies to support specialized water chiller rental companies , particularly when cooling is required for a limited period of time, thus not just for the purchase of a water chiller.
Processing seasonal food items, ice-skating rinks or, more generally, the urgent need to repair a damaged chiller inside a continuous cycle line or the need to cope with sudden output peaks are just some examples of temporary applications where the use of a rental chiller might be the most viable alternative.
TBA has the capacity and expertise to satisfy the individual requirements of the rental companies, thanks to a wide variety of product lines, with capacities from 1kW to 1400kW, and also thanks to the extensive availability of different configurations and accessories, including a range of specialized solutions specifically tailored for the plant hiring industry.

Why TBA is the perfect partner?

  • Reliable products with over 30 years of experience;
  • Very high control precision for temperature;
  • The capacity to work with aggressive fluids, thanks to the stainless steel frames and coated condensing coils;
  • The capacity to work with pure fluids, thanks to the supply of a NON-FERROUS hydraulic circuit.

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