Engie Chillers. On the right path to the right chiller

Although the “correct” refrigeration is clearly the decisive factor, there is more to consider than just temperature when choosing a chiller. When we plan a refrigeration system with you, we always think in terms of application: We look at your situation not at our product. This is due to the fact that our chillers adapt to your processes and requirements – ranging from building cooling, sensitive areas of application such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, all the way to large power station projects.


The oil-free QUANTUM chillers with up to seven radial turbo compressors are therefore almost always the right choice: Available in a large numbers of variants, QUANTUM can be used in variety of ways.


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The SPECTRUM is a water-cooled chiller with speed-controlled screw compressor technology, which allows especially low or high effective temperatures. SPECTRUM offers a maximum energy efficiency and also opens up additional application fields.


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A new generation of ammonia chillers with a speed-controlled reciprocating compressor, which offers considerable power density due to its compact design. The AMONUM chiller series is available in four performance classes ranging from approx. 50 to 157 kW.


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The PENSUM chiller series with an output of 45 – 480 kW is available as a water- or air-cooled version and adds smaller performance ranges to the established QUANTUM series. The water-cooled unit can be used as a chiller or heat pump, and can also be used for the production of industrial water and hence heat recovery using the desuperheater option.


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The MARENUM offers extensive seawater resistance. In this vein, non-rusting steels (Austenite 1.4529/1.4547) and high-performance fin-tube heat exchangers made of CuNiFe (copper-nickel-iron) in the seawater-cooled condensers ensure a much longer lifetime for the chiller as compared to other materials. As a result, the chiller system is suitable for use in merchant shipping, patrol boats or the marine.


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