The innovative construction principle of the new QUANTUM Air

1. Fans

      • Maximum efficiency due to EC fans
      • Optimised speed adjustment at every point of operation
      • Compact and quiet


2. Frame

      • Base frame in modular design
      • Simplified integration of various options
      • Simplified adaptation to all performance variables
      • Shorter delivery times
      • Weight reduction with unchanged stability


3. Condenser Modules

      • New micro-channel design ensures
        • improved aerodynamics
        • larger heat exchanger surface
        • higher re-cooling output per m² of footprint
        • significantly smaller refrigerant filling capacity
      • Reduced length
      • Optional free cooling modules can be integrated in the same device length
        • more operating modes
        • greater efficiency


4. Evaporator

      • Modular evaporator concept
        • tailored assignment of efficient flooded evaporators
        • maximum efficiency and optimised refrigerant filling capacity


5. Economizer

      • Original ENGIE Refrigeration open-flash economizer
        • increased EER value
        • increased maximum refrigeration capacity at all points of operation
        • lower operating costs
        • lower specific investment costs (€/kW)

6. Control panel

      • PCAP multi-touch TFT display
      • Improved ease of operation, even with gloves
      • Outdoor screen on swivel arm
      • Optimal visibility from extreme perspectives
      • Brightness up to 600 cd/m²


7. Compressor

      • Tried-and-tested compressor technology
      • Intelligent connection
      • Finely graded capacity range


8. Switch cabinet

      • Quality “made in Germany”
      • Standard size, standardisation
      • Functional modules
      • Shorter delivery times