The separable machine for all-round refrigeration solutions: QUANTUM S and QUANTUM GS

Our engineers are in their element when things get complicated: The QUANTUM S from ENGIE Refrigeration is used where recooling with air is needed, but it is not feasible to install a compact air-cooled machine. Every QUANTUM S is specially adapted to the customer’s requirements and needs; the overall system has a capacity range of 300 to 2,800 kW.

It’s the perfect solution for special space situations, because the QUANTUM GS with the refrigerant R-1234ze can be separated into a machine unit for indoor installation and a recooling system for outdoor installation. Its capacity range covers 300 to 2,000 kW. Particularly practical: the separately installed condensers are charged directly with the refrigerant R-1234ze; this means that pumps for recooling can be dispensed with.

Split for efficiency and ecology!