DC Inverter Multi Series Air Conditioner

Midea Full DC inverter system is a highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings that requiring heating and cooling system up to 8 zones in one outdoor unit. Midea offers more than 100 models in about 15 types indoor units can be combined with mini inverter outdoor unit which provides individual comfort space, easy installation and control. This is a flexible system that bridges the capacity gap between VRF and Multi systems – ideal for commercial and private applications.

DC inverter technology, precise temperature control

The DC inverter compressor system reaches full load rapidly providing less temperature fuctuation and improved living environment.

Refrigerant cooling PCB

The outdoor unit uses refrigerant cooling technology to cool the electric control box guaranteeing the stable and safe running of the control system. It improves the high temperature cooling capabilities, resulting in a system that can provide powerful cooling in 55ºC environment, with increased high temperature cooling efficiency of 15~20%, rapidly cools in high temperature environments, with a temperature drop rate that is 5-10% faster than that of conventional ACs.

Silence technology ensures a quiet operating environment

To implement quieter running of IDU and ODU, we used advanced technologies such as CFD and FEM, researching the sources of component vibration in air conditioning systems and optimizing the fan’s blades, resulting in an air conditioning unit that creates a more comfortable and harmonious work environment for customers.

Outdoor units are given anti-corrosion treatment for non-extreme conditions as standard and can also be customized with heavy anti-corrosion treatment on steel sheets, grills, coil fins, electric control box case and screws/bolts for surface protection against corrosive air, acid rain and saline air (for installations in coastal regions) to extend overall useful life.The integrity of the anti-corrosion treatment is ensured by subjecting major components and parts to salt mist testing, moisture and heating testing and light aging testing.

Universal Outdoor Unit

Enhanced Comfort and Reliable


  • Brand name components, smart manufacturing, professionalism, and premium quality
  • A long-pipe high-drop design allows flexible installation and optimizes space
  • Creates a small footprint, saving installation space
  • Diverse, smart, and user-friendly control options

Indoor Unit – Four-way Cassette

360°Airflow Outlet

For Compact Four-way Cassette: 360° air outlet provides strong airflow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room and evenly control temperatures.

Easy Troubleshooting

For Four-way Cassette: By adding digital tube on the display board, Error Codes can be displayed directly for troubleshooting

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air can enter through the cassette unit so you can enjoy even fresher air in a room.

High-lift Drain Pump

For Compact Four-way Cassette: Drain pump with a 500mm pump head is fitted as standard; maximum 600mm pump head is available. For Four-way Cassette: Drain pump can pump condenser water up to 750mm high, which simplifies installation of the drain piping system.

Indoor Unit – Duct

Multiple static pressure control

Depending on the installation environment, the medium/high static pressure duct can supply multiple static pressure control, for providing comfortable environment suitable for any environment.

Convenient installation

Air intake from back or from bottom can be selected easily through simple adjustment, making the installation flexible.

Indoor Unit – Floor Standing

Large capacity, powerful air supply

The floor standing unit has large capacity, large airflow and long distance air supply. The wide air outlet design making the room air circulation quickly and reaching the set temperature in a short time, easily meets the needs of large space.